ActivityTracker (the app)

Track your all-day activity without draining your battery (no GPS) and without wearing a fitness gadget!

If you are like us you hate any apps that drain your already short-lived smartphone & watch battery life but you would also like the convenience of tracking your all-day activity without wearing (and remembering to charge) yet another gadget. Thanks to the new motion processor available in iPhone 5s or newer, Apple Watch & newer Android devices, you can do just that!

ActivityTracker will keep track of your steps, distance, daily active calorie burn, active time, and flights of stairs climbed just by carrying your phone around, which you already do! ActivityTracker is the step counter and pedometer that you already have with you all the time.

Research has shown that just by being more active you will also be healthier. Not everyone needs a vigorous exercise routine so just increasing your daily activity will get you in better shape. ActivityTracker will automatically quantify your daily activity and motivate you to be more active!


  • Track your Steps as well as Active Calorie Burn, Distance, and Active Time
  • Track your all-day activity without draining your battery (no GPS) or wearing a fitness gadget!
  • Since no day is like the other, we prefer a weekly target but we will also show you a daily goal based on your target
  • See your activity hour by hour for the current day (Pro version)
  • Visualize your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly activity
  • Apple Watch companion app for at-a-glance stats
  • Today extension that shows you all the important data at a glance
  • App badge that shows the steps taken directly on the app icon

With a great and easy to use interface

See your Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly activity at a glance!

Download ActivityTracker

For iPhone 5s or newer and Apple Watch
(Android version coming soon)