Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

With summer at your doorstep, you’ll most surely want to get your body in shape. It’s that time of year to be more physically active, to get rid of that excess fat and add some lean muscles. After all, you do want to look your best on the beach, don’t you?

Don’t know how to get fit for summer? No worries, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are dozens. The App Store and Google Play are packed with apps designed to help you get back in proper shape in diverse ways. Some help you increase your physical activity or target specific muscle groups through professional workouts, while others help you improve your nutrition.

To make your job easier, we’ve created a list of useful health and fitness apps you can start using right now.


Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

One of the easiest ways to get in shape is to walk more each day. Walking, particularly at a higher pace, can be an effective exercise to burn calories and lose weight. This is recommended for people who are looking to be more active, but at the same time prefer a low-impact and safe workout.

ActivityTracker is a free pedometer app designed to track your everyday physical activity and motivate you to walk more. The app uses the motion sensors in your device to record your activity and provide you with a series of relevant fitness metrics, such as the number of steps taken, the calories burned, the distance covered or the active time. Because it uses the motion sensors instead of GPS, it has a minimum impact on your battery.

ActivityTracker gives you the chance to choose which metric is the most important to you and hence set an individual goal for the steps, the total calorie burn or the distance. The app lets you set a weekly target and displays a daily goal based on that selected target. If you want to know how active you are or understand the progress made along the way, you can find comprehensive stats for your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly activities.

Fitness Buddy

Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

Fitness Buddy by Azumio is one of the best apps to get fit for the upcoming summer. Why? Well, because it places at your disposal all the tools you need to drop those unwanted pounds, remove body fat and develop lean and strong muscles. This app is developed to become your personal trainer and dietitian at the same time and help you attain and maintain a great physique.

Fitness Buddy comes with an impressive array of exercises for both home and gym use and gives you the opportunity to target specific muscle groups. You can choose workouts for your chest, shoulders, back, arms or lower body or for specific equipment such as for instance dumbbells or resistance bands. The great thing about the app is that it provides clear instructions and step-by-step HD videos for all the exercises, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

In addition to the multitude of workout routines, Fitness Buddy also offers customized meal plans and healthy recipes.


Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

There are people who prefer to work out in the comfort of their home and people who prefer going to the gym. In case you find yourself in the second category, you might want to take a look at ClassPass. This is a subscription-based fitness app that gives you the possibility to try various gyms, fitness studios, classes or health clubs without having to pay a membership or one-time attendance fee.

Why should you use ClassPass? Well, if you’re tired of the same workout routine and like trying new things, this is definitely for you. The app lets you sign up for a multitude of classes, that range from HIIT and strength training to yoga, boxing and dancing. Additionally you can book massages, cryotherapy sessions, as well as make salon or wellness appointments. At the same time, the app places at your disposal a selection of online video workouts.

At the moment, ClassPass is available in more than 30 countries. The app offers a one-month free trial to book as many as 8 classes or sessions. The monthly membership fees start from $15.


Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

If you want to get in shape for the summer, it’s mandatory to develop a healthy nutrition. A proper nutrition combined with an increase in physical activity represents the key to a successful fitness plan.

Yazio is a food tracker app created to help you lose weight in a healthy and efficient manner. The app comes with a huge database of more than two million foods, enabling you to keep track of everything you eat. You can easily analyze the nutritional values and composition of each meal, from the calories and carbs to the proteins and fats. Moreover, you can select from a large variety of healthy recipes and meal plans and even add your own.

With Yazio you also have the possibility to fast for your weight loss needs. You can choose from more than twenty fasting plans, according to your necessities and individual preferences. In addition to your calorie intake, the app lets you keep track of the amount of calories burned through sports, exercise and other physical activities. This way you’ll be able to understand the calorie burn to calorie intake ratio and, if necessary, make changes to your diet.

Drink Water Reminder

Top Apps to Get in Shape for the Summer

Hydration is essential, particularly during the summertime when the temperatures rise and we start losing body fluids through sweat. Drinking enough water helps us not only prevent dehydration, but also boost metabolic processes, decrease our appetite, remove toxins from our body and elevate our energy level.

Drink Water Reminder is an iPhone app specially designed to serve this purpose, as its name suggests it. The app’s goal is to remind you periodically, at the most beneficial time, to drink enough water and hence stay healthy. Drink Water Reminder allows you to set your own water intake goals and keeps a record of your progress along the way. The app offers various hydration modes, depending on your needs: to avoid constipation, to prevent disease, to stay fit and so on.