Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Pedometer apps can help us efficiently fight sedentary behavior. They allow us to set fitness goals for ourselves, provide insight into the progress made and give us the necessary motivation to stay active.

Taking advantage of the built-in motion sensors, they provide us with a useful set of data regarding our physical activity, are super easy to use, work indoors as well and are quite gentle with our battery life. In comparison, if you want to use GPS-based apps to track your daily activity, you can expect a significant impact on your battery and not so accurate results when used indoors.

You can use any of the following apps to measure your daily movement without worrying that they’ll drain your iPhone’s battery:


Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

ActivityTracker is a pedometer app for iPhone created to keep track of your all-day activity. The app comes with a modern and intuitive interface and therefore it will take you little time to familiarize yourself with the way it works.

ActivityTracker can automatically monitor the steps taken, distance covered, active time, total calories burned and flights of stairs climbed. To maintain your motivation at a higher level, the app enables you to set a weekly target and shows you a daily goal based on that target. You’re free to set the target for the metric that’s most relevant to your needs: steps, distance or calories. You can check your progress on an hourly basis and also visualize totals and averages for your daily, weekly and monthly activities.

For a quick look at your progress, ActivityTracker offers a Today widget with customizable stats. You can also take advantage of the app badge, which displays your daily step count directly over the app icon. You’ll additionally find useful options to import your history from Apple Health, sync steps between your iPhone, Apple Watch and Health app and share your results with friends and followers.

  • Price: Free (Subscription: $6.99/year)
  • Requirements: iOS 11.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store 


Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Pedometer++ is an iPhone step tracker designed to motivate you to move more. The app is the oldest in the App Store that uses the motion processor and therefore has a minimum impact on your battery life. The interface is pretty simple and is primarily focused on your step count. In the main view you can see the number of steps taken for the day, as well as report graphs for the last seven days.

You can use the app to measure not only steps, but also the floors climbed, distance walked or calories burned. Pedometer++ gives you the opportunity to analyze your progress from the iPhone app, from the Today View widget or from your wrist if you own an Apple Watch. The app lets you set a daily step goal, enter monthly challenges and offers rewards when you reach specific milestones. It’s important to take into account that Pedometer++ is supported by advertising.

  • Price: Free (IAP from $0.99 to $4.99)
  • Requirements: iOS 12.2 or later
  • Download Link: App Store

Pedometer α

Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Pedometer α is an easy-to-use pedometer app developed to help you get in shape. Once you tap on the Start button, the app will begin to record your activity and will keep you up-to-date with the progress made. You’ll be able to see how much you’ve walked during the day, how much time you’ve been active, how many calories you’ve burned and also your average speed per hour.

To motivate you to move more, Pedometer α offers the opportunity to set a personal step goal and lets you visualize your progress through various report graphs. Simply tap on the report graph, and the app will display fitness data for a certain time interval. If you’d like to customize the interface, it’s good to know you can change the appearance of the app by choosing from 19 different types of themes.

  • Price: Free (Contains Ads)
  • Requirements: iOS 10.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store


Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

If you’re a fan of graphic charts, history logs and plenty of fitness stats, this is definitely worth a try. Accupedo is designed to automatically track your daily movement and provide as many details as possible regarding your progress. You can use it as a classic pedometer, but you also have the possibility to activate GPS and visualize your walking, running or biking route on a map.

With Accupedo you can monitor various metrics, from your step count to the miles covered and speed. You can view a daily log, as well as analyze your entire history: each day, week, month and year. The app provides inspirational quotes and smart messages to increase your motivation and help you stay on track. You can use the Today widget for a quick view at your progress and share your achievements on social networks.

  • Price: Free (Subscription: $1.99 per month)
  • Requirements: iOS 13.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store


Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

If you don’t want something complicated, Steps may be the right solution for you. The app comes with a simple design and leaves no room for confusion. Your step count is clearly highlighted in the main view, while below that number you can see how much you’ve got left (in percentage) until you reach your daily goal.

In addition to the total steps, you can also find information regarding the distance walked, the calories burned and the duration of your exercise. Steps places at your disposal summaries of your physical activity and allows you to see and share your entire history. The app offers four widgets to choose from and integrates with Apple Health and Apple Watch. You also have an option to enable GPS and use it to record your movement.

  • Price: Free (IAP $1.99)
  • Requirements: iOS 13.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store


Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

StepUp is an option to consider if you want to add a social component to your step tracking. The app gives you the opportunity to invite friends to step competitions, challenge one another and see who’s walking more today or who’s got the overall lead. It’s important to mention that a Facebook account is required in order to invite friends and family to join in.

In terms of tracking, since it uses the built-in motion processor, StepUp will automatically record your step count, active time, distance covered, floors climbed and amount of calories burned during the day. There’s also an option available to sync steps with fitness gadgets compatible with Apple Health, such as the Apple Watch, Jawbone or Withings.

  • Price: Free
  • Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store

Step Counter Maipo

Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Step Counter Maipo is an simple-to-use pedometer for iPhone. The app is quite easy to set up and places at your disposal nine theme colors to select from. An interesting feature is the fact that it can display your step count in the form of a calendar, with colorful graphic charts for the daily activity.

In addition to the steps taken, the app records your distance, active time and calorie burn. The influence on your iPhone’s battery is minimum, given the fact that Step Counter Maipo takes advantage of the built-in motion sensors. It’s worth mentioning that the free version of Step Counter is ad-supported.

  • Price: Free (IAP $2.99)
  • Requirements: iOS 12.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store


Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Steps+ is an option to take into account if you like stats. The app lets you see your activity by hour for any given day, overview your weekly, monthly and yearly totals and also visualize averages for specific time intervals. The interface though isn’t the most simple to navigate and may feel cluttered in comparison to other similar apps.

Steps+ allows you to set a daily goal for either the number of steps or the calories burned, shows your progress towards that goal for each day and notifies you when you’ve reached it. You can sync the app will Apple Health and import your step history. Steps+ comes with a Today widget and offers the possibility to share fitness stats from any given day. An interesting feature is the fact that you can delete activity data after 30 or 90 days.

  • Price: Free (Subscription: $2.99/month)
  • Requirements: iOS 13.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store 

Pedometer & Step Tracker

Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Pedometer & Step Tracker is an alternative to consider if you’re looking to easily track and share your daily physical activity. Just like the others previously mentioned, this one too uses the built-in sensors and therefore has a minimum impact on your iPhone’s battery.

The app enables you to set various daily goals: for the steps taken, distance covered, calories burned or the time you are active, and sends notifications regarding your progress. As far as customization goes, you can choose from six theme colors and three different widget styles. With Pedometer & Step Tracker you can also get social and share with friends and followers your daily achievements.

  • Price: Free (Pro version: $1.99)
  • Requirements: iOS 11.0 or later
  • Download Link: App Store

Walk More

Top 10 Free Pedometer Apps for iPhone

Walk More is a simple app to track your walking activity throughout the day. This basic pedometer uses the motion processor to monitor three fitness metrics: your step count, the distance walked and the floors climbed.

The app enables you to set a daily goal and visualize your progress towards that goal in the Notification Center widget. You can take a look at your activity in the last seven days and also view interesting stats, such as the most steps taken, the longest distance or the most floors climbed in a single day. There’s also an option to share your results.

  • Price: Free (IAP from $0.99 to $3.99)
  • Requirements: iOS 12.1 or later
  • Download Link: App Store

This was our list of step counter apps you can download from the App Store for free. If you’ve already installed any of these apps or use others to monitor your activity, you can let us know in the comments section below.