How to Stay in Shape at Home

How to Stay in Shape at Home

Many countries in various regions of the globe are, at this point, under lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19. The stringent measures taken by authorities mean that, basically, many of us have to spend a great deal of our time at home, with limited possibilities to step outside. Of course, this doesn’t mean we have a green light to become sedentary. Absolutely not.

In order to help our bodies function adequately and maintain our physical and mental health we need to stay active. Surprisingly or not, our own home environment can provide us with a multitude of opportunities to burn calories and keep our muscles toned. In case you can’t really go outside to exercise and want to discover how to stay fit at home during this period full of restrictions, then this article is for you.

Below we’ve prepared a list of at home exercises to get your heart rate up, to effectively lose weight and hence stay in shape.

Walk & Run on Treadmill

The treadmill is one of the most popular machines for working out indoors. And it’s understandable why. This machine comes with tons of benefits to help us keep our bodies fit and our minds stress-free.

Running on treadmill is considered to be a great cardio workout and hence an effective way to improve your heart health. At the same time, because it gives you the option of adjusting the incline, it can help you strengthen several leg muscles, such as your calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. Going for an uphill walk or run will also allow you to burn more calories and reduce body fat.

Run on Elliptical

The elliptical machine is an alternative worth considering for several reasons. First of all, because it’s a low-impact machine and therefore it will put considerably less stress on your joints. This makes it ideal for those suffering from knee, hip or back pain.

Second of all, running on an elliptical trainer can be an efficient solution when it comes to at home cardio workouts. Constant use of this machine will strengthen your heart and improve your lung capacity, which will lead to a better overall endurance. Moreover, the elliptical gives you the chance to put to work diverse muscle groups: you get to strengthen your hamstrings and calves and, because the trainer can be equipped with arm handles, you get to work out the muscles in your back, shoulders and chest.

Jog in Place

This sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? Well, hold your laugh because it’s not. Jogging in place can be a truly beneficial workout you can perform from the comfort of your home. It’s easy to do, doesn’t imply the purchase of additional gym equipment, doesn’t require a huge amount of space and comes with important health benefits.

First of all, jogging in place is great for your cardiovascular health, particularly if you can do it at a higher intensity that will get your heart pumping. This stationary exercise will also help you build and strengthen muscles and improve your balance, posture and coordination. Pumping your arms and lifting your knees will also allow you to burn more calories and hence drop those unwanted pounds.

Jumping Jacks

How to Stay in Shape at Home

One of the truly effective at home exercises you can do are jumping jacks. This type of workout is more complex, since it requires a complete body movement. You do a lot of jumping, spreading your legs, lifting your hands above your head. Therefore it is designed to target several muscle groups, from the biceps, triceps, glutes and hip flexors to abdominal muscles, hamstrings and calves.

Of course, toning up your muscles is just one of the advantages. Jumping jacks are also beneficial to your bones, due to the fact that they can improve your bone mineral density. In addition, this aerobic exercise can help you improve your flexibility and stability, keep your heart and lungs healthy and lose weight if done regularly. All that jumping and constant movement of the arms will also lead to the release of serotonin, the “feel good hormone” that can regulate anxiety and relieve stress.

Here’s how to do a jumping jack.

Box Jumps

Part of the plyometric training, alongside jumping jacks and burpees, box jumps represent a great solution to keep your body in shape without leaving your home. This exercise doesn’t require special equipment, just a stable box placed on a flat surface. The height of the box should match your fitness level, therefore it’s recommended to start off with a smaller platform and work your way up. In general it’s best for the box not to surpass your knees.

The benefits of using box jumps are numerous. This high-intensity workout will make your leg and abdominal muscles and arms considerably stronger, will help you improve your balance and posture, effectively burn calories and excessive fat. In addition, it will help you increase your endurance and your overall physical performance.

Bonus Tip: Track your Progress

Staying physically active is truly important. But equally important is to be able to monitor your physical activity. Tracking your activity will give you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable, to set goals and measure how much you’ve got left until reaching those goals, to collect useful health data, to have a perspective of the progress made along the way and take delight in your achievement.

In order to keep track of your workouts you don’t really need to purchase an additional fitness gadget. You can simply use your phone. Just download an app that can monitor your physical activity like our own ActivityTracker and you’re all set to go. You’ll be able to see how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve covered or the time spent active.

Bottom Line

Staying in shape during these challenging, full of restrictions times is an achievable goal. There are plenty of exercises we can do in the comfort of our home that will prevent the pounds and fat from piling on. The key, of course, is to exercise regularly. No matter the type of workout you’re into, try to exercise at least 30 minutes each day, five days a week. And, naturally, try to eat as healthy as possible to get the best possible results.