Best Step Tracking Apps for Android

Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

If you want to track your steps, there’s absolutely no need to purchase another gadget, whether it’s a fitness band, a smartwatch or pedometer. But how else can you you keep tabs on your physical activity? Well, how about your phone?

Your phone is basically all you need, since it allows you to measure how physically active you’ve been during a given time. It’s something you always carry around with you, unlike a fitness device which you have to remember to bring with you and charge when you want to exercise.

If you want to know how to count your steps with ease just by using your phone, take a look at this list of Android step tracking apps:


Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

ActivityTracker is our first proposal to count your daily steps. This free app is designed to monitor your physical activity during the day: in addition to the steps taken, you can see how many calories you’ve burned, the distance covered or the total active time. The cool thing about ActivityTracker is that it does all these things without draining your battery, because it doesn’t use GPS.

The app comes with a modern design, with a black theme and color-coded progress. You can watch your activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and there’s also an option to see stats for your hourly activity. The app allows you to set your own individual weekly target and provides a daily goal based on that target. You can export and import all the fitness data collected, as well as import your history from Google Fit.

Google Fit

Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

Unlike Apple Health which comes pre-installed along with iOS 8.0 or higher, Google Fit has to be downloaded from the Google Play store. Of course, free of charge. The app revolves around two main activity goals: Move Minutes and Heart Points. You earn Move Minutes for normal walks or for practicing yoga, while Heart Points require more intense activities like running.

With Google Fit you can set particular fitness goals for yourself, like taking 10.000 steps a day and visualize your progress along the way. You can also receive customized tips and adjust your fitness goals according to your activity. Additionally you can connect Google Fit to other popular fitness apps and devices like Lifesum or MyFitnessPal to receive tips and tricks on nutrition, weight loss, training and more.


Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

StepUp is a step tracker for Android created to help you embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle. The app tracks your physical activity during the day, which includes the steps taken, calories burned or the distance covered. The great part about this app is its social component.

Being more physically active by yourself doesn’t sound all that fun, but things completely change when you can invite your friends and start competing with them. StepUp gives you the necessary motivation to exercise by allowing you to start a steps challenge with your friends. You can watch in real time who’s got the lead, taunt or support each other and stay focused to reach your fitness goals.

Step Counter

Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

Step Counter by Leap Fitness is a great option to monitor your steps, because it doesn’t use GPS tracking and implicitly has a small impact on your battery life. Besides being battery-friendly, the app has another strong point, and that’s the design. Step Counter comes with a fresh, intuitive interface and is quite easy to use.

The app keeps track of how many steps taken you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, the time you were active or the distance you’ve covered. All this fitness-related information is shown within the app through colorful, easy-to-read report graphs. You can visualize your progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and also pause or reset the step tracking at any moment to save power.


Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

Sportractive uses GPS tracking to monitor a wide range of indoor and outdoor fitness activities. These include stretching, walking, running, hiking, mountain biking and more. The app provides for each of these physical activities useful data to help you understand your progress, such as the distance traveled, your speed pace, the duration, your heart rate, as well as the calories burned.

One of the nice features of Sportractive is the fact that it allows you to customize your fitness reports based on your preferred parameters: pace, calorie consumption, time, elevation change or others. The app also gives you the possibility to set personal goals and provides analysis of all your workouts. Additionally Sportractive monitors your BMI and body fat and offers periodical stats to see how far you’ve come along.


Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

Lifelog is not one of the standard apps that keep track of your steps. This app monitors all the relevant activities you do during the day, both physical and non-physical, and provides useful stats to understand your habits and make positive lifestyle changes.

Lifelog can keep track of your physical activity, such as the steps taken, calories burned, distance walked or ran, time spent bicycling, your BPM and so on. At the same time the app it can detect sleeping patterns to help you rest better, how much time you spent texting, watching movies or playing video games, how many photos you take or your app usage during the day.

Lifelog allows you to set various health goals, like walking 10.000 steps a day for instance, and watch your progress.

Step Tracker

Top 7 Step Tracking Apps for Android

As the name clearly indicates it, Step Tracker by Sound Sleep is designed to monitor your daily steps. In order to do so the app takes advantage of the built-in pedometer (no GPS), which means it won’t have a severe impact on your battery.

Step Tracker records not only your step count, but also the distance covered, the active time and the amount of calories burned. It can also calculate the BMI and body fat over certain periods of time and send you report graphs to see your weight loss evolution. If you want to make things more interesting, the app allows you to invite your friends to exercise together and compete with them.

Do you track the steps you take on a daily basis? Which Android apps do you use? Let us know in the comments below.