ActivityTracker 3

We are excited to announce the release of ActivityTracker 3, our biggest update to date!

The New Interface

In v3 the iPhone app has finally received a lot of love. The entire iPhone app’s interface has been rewritten from scratch!

The interface was designed to be easy-to-use and modern. ActivityTracker now has a main navigation menu at the bottom so the data can be easily accessible.

Main & Hourly

The main view now features a new colored wheel control and a new week overview control at the bottom.

The Hours view has now been merged into the main view, and you can easily switch between hourly details and the day overview with a single tap.

From here you can navigate back and forth to any day in your entire activity history. But finding any single day in the historical data can be done much faster from the Details view (see below).

The Trends

A brand new view that shows with a card-based design:

  1. Hours – An average per hour calculated for the last 7 days (including today), with the best average hour value shown above;
  2. Days – The last 7 days (not including today) with an average value shown above and a comparison to the previous 7 days;
  3. Weeks – The last 7 weeks (not including current week) with an average value shown above and a comparison to the previous 7 weeks;
  4. Months – The last 7 months (not including current month) with an average value shown above.

Tapping on any of the cards will open a detailed view of the data.

The Details

The new Details view now combines the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly views that were separate in previous versions of ActivityTracker.

In addition to the classic stats (steps, calories, distance) the Details view now shows active time and flight of stairs climbed per Day, Week, or Month!

Easily browse to any single day from your entire activity history. Long-tap on any Month or Week will get you to the first day of the respective month or week. Long-tap again on any Day will get you to the hourly details for that day!

Accent Colors

You can now customize the app with one of the seven accent colors. The accent color will be applied to the bottom main menu, to the title of Alerts, and additional interface items.

Main Metric

Since June 2015 when ActivityTracker was first released we focused on showing throughout the app’s interface one metric: Steps. However steps may not be what’s most important for you, so now ActivityTracker 3 improves that by adding two additional metrics: Calories & Distance!

So the entire iPhone app’s interface, the Watch app, the Today Widget, and the iMessage app will all show whatever main metric you chose, be it Steps, Calories, or Distance.

You can also set individual Weekly Targets for Calories and Distance, in addition to Steps. Targets that will be reflected thought the interface.

Get ActivityTracker 3 from the App Store:

Even more

Additional updates for ActivityTracker 3:

  • Updated Settings view with a new Weekly Target, Main Metric, and Accent Color;
  • New Share (the love) feature in the Main view;
  • Updated Watch App with support for the Main Metric;
  • Updated Today Widget with support for the Main Metric & updates for the Light theme;
  • Updated support for Zoomed View Mode.